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My name is Claudia van Zuiden and I live in Scotland, UK.

Sometimes I share with others what I have learned in my life. If you feel you would like to work with me and support you in your life journey, as your therapist or life coach, I invite you to read on a bit more.

After many years of working with women in hospital and community settings wherever I was in the world, I realised the importance of empowering other women in their journey in life as many feel isolated, lonely and unsupported. I got inspired by other women who were already setting up women circles.

About 10  years ago, I started a women circle too and called it: ‘Wo'moon Circle of One'. We now have also supported other women to set up their own groups here in the UK and  internationally.

As more women started to feel supported, nurtured, listened to, respected and inspired, we now have a core circle of women who take turns in facilitating these gatherings of women.

If you would like to become part of this circle and find out more about events and future gatherings in Scotland, UK, you can find out more on the Wo'Moon Circle of One page and on Facebook, see pages on top for more details.

I also feel that to feel totally empowered within ourselves, we can work holistically towards this goal by applying various tools such as meditation, discussions, story-telling, gentle exercises; for example yoga, into our daily lives.

I found that doing Reiki treatments to myself and others has also given me great strength and helped me to relax more and to get through many challenging situations during my life so far. I also offer Reiki treatments and Reiki training.

To find out more about Reiki in invite you visit the Reiki page on this site.  

With every best wish,

Claudia van Zuiden

CEO, Solution Ways


'Inner Melodies' is a website mainly updated for Wo'Moon Circle of One Events.

For Solution Focused Therapy, Meditation and Yoga updates please follow my Solution Ways blog:

Thank you!







Meditation, Relaxation and Yoga with Claudia

  • Mindful Approach Meditation
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Five Tibetan Yogas
For people of any age or condition who can find 10 minutes in their day to practice, the Five Tibetan Yogas are a simple, extraordinarily efficient yoga routine that increases mental and physical flexibility and longevity. Practicing them daily helps to build health and clarity of mind.In addition to leading the exercises and explaining the theory behind them, Claudia also introduces simple breathing visualisations, and thoughts to focus on - all techniques that are easily incorporated into your daily routine. 
Claudia was taught at teacher’s level in the Five Tibetan Yogas by Dekyi Lee Oldershaw, who was an athletic coach and more recently a former Tibetan Buddhist nun who has been taught meditation and healing by the Dalai Lama and other Tibetan masters, one of whom gave her the instructions of these yoga practices. Dekyi Lee has spent the past fifteen years counseling, leading healing courses and training healing practitioners worldwide.
For more information: