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Welcome to my Shop! I hope you enjoy the products we have for sale. Please note, that if you would like me to make a specific item for you, we can discuss this. I also make Felt drum bags, and bags for your shamanic items. If you would like to order some of the Dakiniz Healing Essences that I make, please visit the Dakiniz Healing Essences on this website by clicking on this link for more information about the Essences.

If you would like to purchase and/or discuss an item, please contact me by email:


All products are handmade by Claudia, please email for postage prices, will ship worldwide.

Handmade Felt Pouches, might vary in colour.

£ 7.95 each

Rose quartz and amethyst and a mixture of different beads enriched with Reiki. SOLD

Amethyst Pendant with different beads, some are crystal. Reiki Blessed. SOLD

House Jewellery, Reiki Blessed

These are Reiki Blessed pieces of House Jewellery. They are all made of different glass, wooden, crystal, and/or metal beads. They look beautiful in front of your window, as the are real sun/moon-catchers! All feathers are naturally shedded by the birds. The Medicine of the bird will be close to you when you connect to it. You can hang these at any place in your house for Positive Blessings. Prices vary between £15.95 and £19.95 each. Please contact me for details. 

A beautiful Butterfly for Transformation for the house.

Small Egyptian Scarab Beatle Pendant, with lovely colours of red and turquoise to bring Grounding into the House.


A necklace with feathers and leather. I make these also with different feathers that you might feel attracted to. Contact me for more information, if you would like me to make you one.This one is for sale for £7.95.


I make Shamanic Prayer and Smudging fans. Please contact me if you would like me to make one for you, so we can discuss what will be the right one for you. This one is the one I use for Healing, it is made of buzzard feathers, wolf skin and deer antler, and is not for sale.

A beautiful CD from J Reuben Silverbird. A journey of the Native American flute that will help you to relax and for you to enjoy.  Another CD I have for you to buy is a Meditation, with flute and words for stress relief, by J Reuben Silverbird. CD price: £15 each.

For more information about Silverbird folow the link on this site, or visit his website