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     Dakiniz Healing Essences


Dakiniz was born under a new moon on the day of Losar, the beginning of the Tibetan Buddhist New Year.

It is the creation of two women, Claudia and Alexandra, in celebration of their journey, lifelong friendship and deep connection. Both committed to sharing joy, healing, wisdom, friendship, peace and sisterhood with the world, they started this adventure by giving birth to a beautiful, high vibrational and growing collection of signature Healing Essences under the name Dakiniz.

The essences are made under Moon Energies. We were strongly guided in meditation that to be able to connect with the nurturing aspects of the Feminine Energies in the healing properties of the blossoms and flowers, the essences need to be made at night. The Sun will charge the blossoms and flowers during the day time with Masculine Energies, and the Moon nurtures them with the Feminine. We feel that by making the blossom in this way, the blossom and flowers are filled with the fullest capacity of nurturing, gentleness, creativity and Love.

May you feel guided to your Dakiniz Healing Essence, and we will be delighted to assist you in your journey, if you decide that you  require any support.


Dearest Claudia

Just wanted to let you know how I got on with the Snowdrop essence.
After a couple of false starts, because I found it so powerful, and the
emotions came sweeping over me, I set out on my journey of 21 days
with the beautiful essence.

I used a special glass, etched with hearts, and took time to make
a toast to the moon, to the essence and of course to you, the creator
of this magic! And giving thanks too.

Sometimes the memories would sneak up on me and at other times
they would just jump up and hit me right in the face! Good tears
and letting go and a very happy son, Gregor, for his mum. He
came through in a Reiki share and planted kisses all over my face,
with the message "special mum, special mum" with each kiss.

Wow Claudia, just wow.

No more words, just oceans of love and hugs from me and my boy.


 Dearest Claudia
 I think I will be wanting to take your Bluebell Essence after or one of the others as part of the next step on my healing journey.  My attitude has completely changed and is sustaining after our wonderful Sweat Lodges and the sharing that occurred then but the Snowdrop Essence for me has been so so powerful.  My attitude funnily enough has been one of Rising Above whatever Life has thrown at me in the past and truely seeing it as my choice for the soul lessons needed for my Eternal Soul Progression.  I am truely getting to the roots of my journey with all the wonderful Reiki Masters in my life and the amazing healings I have been privilaged to receive Claudia.  I have to say Claudia however it is only since the journey taken in your Yhurt and the words you spoke and sang to me that I have truely wanted to heal myself not just for me but the next seven generations to come and the ones already been and their influence in my life for which I can now truely thank them but realise that it is my Life and I will do what I want with it in Love Light and Healing all that has been and will be as I travel along on the amazing journey of MINE. 


The Essences :

SNOW DROP ESSENCE (Galanthus nivalis)

Healing emotional wounds, letting go of pain

Strongly feminine in nature, this Mother Essence was created in a ceremonial yurt under a new moon. Guided by Spirit we were to name it "The Lost Children".

This flower essence restores our inner light after a long period of emotional darkness and helps us to rise up after a deep sense of loss. Snowdrop is the first flower to arise out of the Earth near the end of the winter season.

It teaches us that no matter how dark it gets, new life and new beginnings are waiting to emerge and this Healing Essence assists us and encourages us in letting this happen.

"The Lost Children" (TLC) essence is especially beneficial in helping us heal the emotional wounds of pain and loss linked to miscarriage, abortion or the loss of a child. It's gentle vibrational energy connects with the womb, the source of all creation. Dakiniz Snowdrop Essence is like a mother's embrace. In the loving softness of her arms we can truly let go of all our pain and sadness so we can be on our way to shine our light and feel whole again.

The Snowdrop flowers used in this Healing Essence grow on an energy vortex amongst natural spring waters in the soft rolling hills of Scotland.

Wild Cherry Blossom ( Prunus Avium)

Healing through forgiving and Compassion

The wild cherry blossom healing essence carries Tara energy, a protective Goddess-Energy when a person is ‘be-coming' more ‘open' to Self Love. ‘Be-coming' is the union with Be-ing, feminine energy and ‘going‘, masculine energy).  The healing essence is supportive in helping to forgiving oneself for copied behavior from mothers and/ or grandmothers or any mother figure that was present in the person's life. One will start to realize that Mother Energy is nurturing and that if negative energy was received from the Mother Energy in one's life, this can be healed through forgiveness and compassion.

This healing essence opens up the heart centre to be able to give love and forgiveness to the Mother Energy. The petals of the wild cherry become transparent whilst being prepared in the remedy's natural spring water. We learn that when we look through the ‘negativity', that negative emotions can be dissolved through forgiveness. Mothers that have expressed negative energy can ‘be-come' aware that their true nature is pure/transparent. That their behavior was often 'learned' behavior from Mother- and/or Grandmother- Archetypes. Mothers/Grandmothers/Matriarchs were often not respected in patriarchal society and caused conflict in the Mother Energy. We can now dissolve these negative emotions/feelings into Love. This healing essence was made under the full moon energy.  The wild cherry blossom comes from a natural circle of wild cherry trees and from the trees beside the yurt in Claudia's garden. These places both hold strong Tara energy and where many prayers are done to Tara, by Claudia herself and by the Tibetan Monks from the Drepung Monastery,India.

This essence holds full moon energies.

Gorse (Ulex Europaens)

Confidence in Expressing Creativity, balancing

The gorse blossom healing essence holds strong Sun-Energy. It has a strong feeling of a flow of creativity, when one feels stagnation/repression and not enough self-confidence to express creativity.

Gorse has spikes; it is difficult to reach the centre/core of the blossom, without touching spikes.

When one looks deeply at the blossom, the blossom displays brightness, vibrant yellow. It also has a beautiful smell. All these are hidden deep inside. The healing essence will help to feel confident to express emotion, thoughts, creative ideas and helps to stay in a ‘state of balance‘, not to get 'over-excited', to stay non-judgmental and without ego. However an Inner Power can  surface that is confident because the 'creative thought' came from the centre/core, like the solar plexus area in the physical body, and can evolve into  trust and willpower to express it's Creation.

This healing essence was made under the full moon.


Letting down of barriers; opening up to receive Love

The calendula flower healing essence helps to stay connected with the yin-yang/ sun-moon/male-female energies. The calendula flower completely opens up, shows its heart to the sunlight. It closes like a cloak in the moonlight, protect itself and feels nourished by moon energies from the petal's  ‘below- sides' - and fully embraces the embraces the sun and soaks up the energies from the ‘above-sides' of the petals. So the yin/yang energy is balanced and expresses itself through a warm orange colour. The flower is full of Life, is healing, and aware of the importance of protecting itself. It knows when to give, to receive and to digest in the night time to replenish itself. Use Calendula when we can give, but are not comfortable with receiving. Calendula softens the barriers we hold when we receive, to fully embrace the Love given. We then become a channel of Be-ing a ‘Receiver' and a ‘Giver' in a natural way, with the wisdom to know when we need to recharge our own energies, by deep rest in the night time. Take 4 drops in morning and 4 drops at night.This essence holds full moon energies.

Rosemary Blossom

Clearing negative thoughts

We take Rosemary Blossom Healing essence when we need cleansing our energy field from negative
thought, when we cannot see beyond the ‘small disturbing thoughts', that keep popping in our minds, when we feel ‘clouded' by these thoughts and cannot see the ‘bigger picture'. We ask the healing properties of the Rosemary Blossom to stay focused in our ‘Path' to self-knowing and our purpose in our lives. To believe in our infinite possibilities and to clear the negative ‘clutter' of the mind, which holds us back from connecting with our clear energy. The Rosemary Blossom is very subtle and gentle but powerful in cleansing. We show gratitude to the great teaching of this delicate flower, its scent and

healing properties of the herb Rosemary. The Blossom is connected to the rose quartz, connecting with the heart centre. The healing essence can also be used for leaving a rose quartz overnight in the full moon light, in spring water, to charge the crystal for wearing as an amulet for healing purposes. Add 13 drops to the spring water for cleansing and charging the crystal.

This essence holds full moon energies.

Blue Bell ( Hyacinthoides Non- scripta)

Calming down of mind, reflection

Our Blue Bell Healing Essence teaches us to become more at ease when we are caught up too much in our daily lives and concerns about certain matters on our minds. It supports us to release more, to take more ‘time-out', to sit in the forest more, or beside a river or stream, or on top of a mountain, or in a park. Anywhere really where we can take long deep breaths and calm down our busy minds. The blue colour shows us the fastness of the sky and the possibility of connecting with this concept of ‘seeing' in peace and greatness, that all is possible, everything is out there for us. We can connect with our Inner-Peace and look deep within and know that it is alright. The beautiful flower helps us to look inside, where we find pure white that reflects our own purity, and to know that our outside world is as big as the sky, filled with endless opportunities, as big as the sky.

This essence holds full moon energies.

White Clover ( Trifolium Repens)

Attracting more joy in life

White Clover reminds us to stay playful and to look around us, to be able to see the ‘All that is'.

The flower grows in amongst the clover leaves, but grows higher up than the leaves, to connect with energies all around, however it still remains a ‘grounding' energy that is not ‘heavy', but more filled with joy and laughter. At times when we feel that we are depleted of feelings of joy, the clover can assist us to connect with how to attract more joy in our lives. Whilst picking these flowers, my daughter passed on her wisdom how to find 4 leave-clovers, as she has done ever since she was a little girl. She always asks permission from the leaves to allow her to pick them, as she doesn't like picking them without asking them first. (We always ask the flowers for their permission before we pick them and ask them to help us in making Healing Essences. Sometimes we get no permission and we respect that and leave them) My daughter taught me that if you look less ‘intense' but more ‘open' and ‘wider' in vision, the 4 leave-clover will just appear! We had so much fun finding them....Maybe that's why rabbits love eating clover so much; as they love being playful most of the time...I love the teachings of the plants, the animals and the children...

This essence holds full moon energies.

Dog Rose ( Rosa Canina)

Allowing nurturing of the psychical Self

he Dog Rose healing essence helps us to become more in touch with the feminine energy of nurturing and supporting one Self. The big flower petals are soft and large like a woman's lap. It is time to reflect how well we look after ourselves and to nurture our psychical body. The pink petals are wide open to give you an optical sensation of brightness in a colour that invites you to smile more, be more ‘open', still to be sensitive, and willing to give love. This giving relates to one Self and to others In autumn this flower will have transformed into rosehips, which is full of vitamin C, which our body needs to build up our immune system. The petals remind us that to stay strong and healthy, we have to allow ourselves to receive nurturing and love as well as to share this with others.

This essence holds full moon energies. 


Heather Blossom (Calluna Vulgaris)

Grounding and Calming 


The Heather grows on the hills here in the Scottish Highlands. It steadily grows in sometimes, harsh weather conditions in the Winter Season, and the blazing sun in the Summer, and cools down in heavy rains. It never seems to be effected by it’s conditions and we can notice that in its appearance as it’s expression of Creation. It just steadily keeps growing and seems rather robust. At the same time is a food source for many birds, insects, and animals. It lives in harmony with all it’s surroundings. This Healing essence can help us to calm down the nerves, when we seem to get too effected by what goes on around us, and to stay grounded in the experience. It teaches us, that we can sustain a sense of equilibrium; we can live our lives in harmony, with the ups and downs. It reminds us of the possibility to find moments of Peace inside ourselves when we connect with nature. Whether we do this by sitting on top of a mountain, walk in a park , or working in a garden, or even by putting plants in our house, on your veranda…

When was it the last time that you sat in a place where you could connect with nature, Mother Earth?

A place where you can try to become ‘still’ , so ‘still’, that the animals and the birds can sense this and seem to come closer and closer to your ‘presence’…And if they do, try to connect with them, as well as the weather condition around you at that time, and see if you can stay in this place of ‘stillness’…perhaps message come from ‘deep within’…So, we can ground ourselves, connect with all around us, live in harmony with Life, whatever the weather…just like the Spirit of the Heather of the Highlands.

This essence holds full moon energies.   


Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla Vulgaris)

Alchemy of Wisdom and Intuition 


This Healing Essence can assist us to raise awareness, to be alert as what Life has to offer to us. To heighten the understanding of our mind , together with a developing awareness of our power of intuition. The strong female energy of this planet in it’s blossom, connects with the roundness of the leaves. The leaves are soft in texture, almost feel like velvet, the flowers are very delicate, fully reaching out from all sides to connect with Life around. The leaves however, have a sense of offering a soft place to land, when we have reached out a bit too much and over-stretched ourselves emotionally.

We had a sort of Inner Knowing, a sense of intuition, that we knew we were stretching ourselves, and that we had to be aware of this, but somehow ignored it, and pushed ourselves too far. This might be, when you take on too much in Life for yourself, or when you take on too much from others, perhaps by supporting them in difficult times, emotionally and/or physically. This Healing Essence reminds us, of to connect with the awareness, of the mind and  the wisdom of the Inner Knowing, intuition. It can also help with setting boundaries, and realizing the need for moments for ‘Self’.

This essence holds full moon energies. 

Dakiniz Healing Essences are sold in cobalt blue dropper bottles of 10 ml or 30ml.

All Essences are made on a stabilizing base of Red Shiso and are completely free of alcohol. Price per bottle 10 ml £ 7.95 , 30 ml £ 15.95 plus postage.

For further information please email inner-melodies@hotmail.co.uk

The Dakiniz Healing Essences

The Snow Drops of the Healing Essence .

The Dakiniz Snowdrop Healing Essence made with the new moon energies.

The yurt where the Dakiniz Healing Essence are created

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