Past Venues and Workshops

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Past Venues

Sometimes we invite others to facilitate workshops and/or share their teachings. This page gives you information about past venues and workshops by artists, musicians, wisdom teachers etc. All of these venues were facilitated to generate more peace and harmony in the world and to cross cultural bridges. We invited these beautiful people to share their wisdom with the people from the land they live on. We have received teachings about music, healing, music and songs from all the 4 corners of the world to bring us all closer together, to re-unite as One People.

We will continue to facilitate venues like this, as our intention is to build bridges and to unite humanity.

Please keep visiting our website to keep updated about new venues and workshops.

Musicians and Workshop facilitators Terry Oldfield and Soraya Saraswati came over from Australia and held their workshop from their European Tour,with us here in Scotland. It was a wonderful experience to listen and meditate on the sounds of Terry's amazing flutes, accompanied by his wife Soraya with various instruments and her beautiful voice. We also managed to have a small performance in the Enchanted Walled Gardens of Monymask Estate, which was enjoyed by many. Terry also played on my favourite stone circle Sun Honey, which is near by us.

Pepe Mendoza Loli is from the Amazonian Rainforest in Peru. He stayed with us and facilitated workshops for healing purposes, and to share some of his Indiginous Teachings. He also gave private healing sessions.Pepe is an amazing artist, healer and teacher and an enchanting musician.

Tibetan monks of the Drepung Monastery, India.The Monks stayed with us, this was in November 2007. The were on a European Tour. Their last performance was in Banchory,UK. Their Tour was called 'Peace and Compassion'. It was an amazing performance and enjoyed by many. We felt blessed to have been able to support them and to have received so many blessings from them.

Greta Huuva stayed with us in 2007 and facilitated workshops in Sami teachings. An amazingly gifted herbal medicine woman and great joik singer shared some of the traditional sami sagas such as the Bear Saga.

In 2008 we facilitated the First Scottish Tour for Joseph Reuben Silverbird, Peace Ambassador for the United Nations, NGO to Vienna.