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April 2009.I am just back from a wonderful humbling journey in Nepal. This land holds such strong energies, quite intoxicating at times. The unrest amongst the people is still felt due to political influence. Somehow, there is also still this strong sense of wanting to improve the quality of life and especially for women. They are often the centre of the home, and it is important to me to support them in their journey of self empowerment.

I met this most amazing women, called Tara. She manages an amazing project called Chetana Women's Skill Development Project. She helps women to have a job in the small factory where they make beautiful raw cotton bags. The women dye and make the bags, have a job, thus an income and their smallest children stay there also during the day.Older children can now go to school, as the mothers have an income to pay for the fees. We are also now fundraising for a kindergarten for the smaller children. 

This is a very small project, only 22 women are working just now. This project is completely transparant in finances. All women have access to the accounts and know where the money is going, unlike many other projects I have seen. I bought some of their bags to sell at the Wo'Moon gathering to support this project. However, there is more needed than just money. The children need more attention during the days when the mothers work. So, I am planning to go back and help to teach the children some English, and if any of you have some spare time to help in any way, let me know, and I will get you in contact with Tara.
Even if you can help in the factory by rolling some cotton balls, that is already a great help.

When the women have work, that means they have money to have shelter and food for their kids, often this women are widows or without supportive family. To find out more about this project and find out about the products they make,  please visist their website:

‘Chetana’ means: "Opening the mind through education".