Wo'Moon Circle of One

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Wo’Moon Circle of One

So what is it all about?

The Wo'moon gatherings create opportunities for your authentic self to surface. As you will become more familiar with "being yourself without layers of pretence" this can help you to live your life more freely, confident, positive, content and joyful. As we all are deepening our way of being, we prepare ourselves for living a life to the full, connecting with your full potential and how you choose to live your live.

Explore and re-connect with your Wild Woman, the woman deep inside you who knows what makes her soul sing and knows what is truly important to her.

We support, empower, enhance, listen, inspire and share stories to connect with each other and ourselves.

We ask for a donation of £10 per person for a gathering. If this is difficult we ask you to give what you can afford or to offer some help with the preparation or so. Please know that no woman will ever be denied to join because this. All donations will go to a charity chosen by the Core Circle members.

 The hostess of the Gathering will receive £15 to cover any costs made by her.

When you join us, please bring something for the feast afterwardsto share. If you have a drum, rattle or any other instrument, feel free to take this also. Wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing and bring a blanket and cushion along to keep you warm and cosy.

If you haven’t been to some Gatherings for a while, please know that you are always welcome again. We know that you all have busy lives and that you cannot always make it to every Gathering. You are always in our thoughts and we love to see you back and share smiles with you again.

If you would like to join us, please email Claudia: solutionways@hotmail.co.uk

Looking forward to sharing Gatherings with you all.

We would like to thank all Wo'moon who have so kindly offered their house for hosting events. This makes it more possible for women to attend events,when transport might be an issue. We strongly recommend to share a car if possible, to support the environment.

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